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Vacancies for Office Receptionist Jobs at Fazenda Manchester Company, UK

    Office Receptionist Jobs in the UK

    The benefits of office receptionist jobs include a generous pension scheme, health service discounts, and days of annual leave, plus bank holidays. Although there are no formal entry requirements for office receptionist jobs in the UK, employers usually look for applicants with good literacy and numeracy skills.

    Some employers also look for applicants with GCSEs or similar qualifications, and work experience. Some receptionists also join organisations such as AMSPAR and BSMSA, which provide training and newsletters.

    Urgent Hiring for Office Receptionist

    In a modern corporate office, a Receptionist is the first point of contact for clients. They take phone calls and transfer them to the right department. They also perform administrative tasks for the office.

    These jobs don’t require a degree, but employers are looking for candidates with relevant experience. It’s also necessary to have good computer skills and be able to use Microsoft software packages. A presentable appearance is also important, and an outgoing manner is desirable.

    Office receptionists are responsible for providing a professional and courteous service to clients. They greet visitors and process requests, answer phones, and manage databases.

    They may also help with office security, administrative tasks, and travel arrangements. Moreover, they must have strong communication and organisation skills, and some experience in office receptionist jobs is desirable.

    Receptionists are essential members of a business, as they work as the face of a company. They are the first point of contact for clients and set the tone for the client experience. Hence, they must be professional and organised to ensure a positive first impression for the company.

    Job Description

    An office receptionist role requires excellent communication skills and competence in Microsoft Office applications. Prior experience is helpful but not essential. Receptionists are responsible for greeting visitors and clients, assisting with administrative tasks and organising travel arrangements.

    Other responsibilities include answering phones in a friendly manner and screening calls. Working hours vary, depending on the business requirements. Working as an office receptionist is a great way to build your CV and gain work experience.

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    You will get to work with a wide range of people, handling everything from greeting visitors to handling bookings and dealing with complaints. You will also be responsible for sorting and forwarding incoming mail and phone calls, and you will also have the chance to interact with doctors and nurses. You can also work in a health centre, dealing with podiatrists.

    Office receptionists generally work as part of a team. They will greet visitors and check their arrival against the office schedule. They will also assist executive assistants by handling mail and summarising reports from various departments. In some companies, the role is designated to a different department.

    Fazenda Manchester Company

    If you are looking for a new career, then consider the receptionist position at Fazenda Manchester Company. They are looking for a person with a range of skills. They will work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. This is a great opportunity for someone with excellent customer service skills and an interest in working in a fast-paced environment.

    The position requires a strong can-do attitude and the ability to work under pressure. You will be expected to meet a diverse range of people, from new starters to vendors and clients.

    You will also be required to handle security passes and other documents. Your responsibilities will also involve dealing with incoming mail and maintaining a high standard of office organization.

    Job Duties

    Hiring Organization Fazenda Manchester
    Post Name Receptionist
    Qualification We are looking for a highly motivated, great communicator to join our reception team!
    Industry Private
    Employment Type Full-Time
    Work Hours 8 Hours
    Salary £11.60 – £12.90 an hour
    Location Manchester M3

    Office receptionists need to be proficient in a variety of tasks. They need to be able to organize meetings, make appointments, and manage calendars. Additionally, they need to be proficient in the use of email and other common office software applications. In addition to these duties, receptionists need to be friendly and professional.

    The duties of an office receptionist will vary depending on the place of work. Typically, receptionists work Monday to Friday with some flexibility depending on the business. However, evening and weekend hours may be available. A typical office receptionist job description will include answering phones, logging incoming faxes, and greeting visitors.

    If you have experience in office administration and enjoy meeting new people, an office receptionist job is a great option. This job will give you the opportunity to learn new skills while getting experience in an office environment.

    Some of the tasks you can expect to perform include greeting clients, handling bookings, and resolving guest issues. Other duties may include answering the telephone, taking and forwarding calls, and handling invoicing.

    Job Skills

    A good office receptionist must have the ability to communicate effectively and to take care of people’s needs. They should be familiar with the latest software and social media platforms, as well as computer and telephone systems, and be comfortable handling them.

    Some receptionists may even be asked to oversee interns and handle employee expenses, so having experience in these areas can help them land a better job. If possible, receptionists should be able to speak more than one language, which will allow them to earn a higher salary.

    Good time management is essential for office receptionists. They should be able to divide their time between meeting with clients and taking phone calls. They should also be able to handle various clerical tasks.

    Office receptionists spend most of their time working in front of the front desk. Their main duties include welcoming visitors, arranging visitor badges, answering the phone, forwarding incoming calls, and maintaining office security. The modern office receptionist also works with other departments, including health records staff and clerks. They may also work with doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.

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    Job Requirements

    The role of an office receptionist involves welcoming visitors and providing customer service. Receptionists work in a variety of settings, from hospitals and health centres to offices and shops.

    These professionals often work shifts, answering the phone and dealing with enquiries. In some industries, office receptionists are also responsible for taking payments for services.

    Receptionists must be highly professional and have excellent communication skills. They should also be proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Previous experience in reception work is an advantage, though not necessary.

    They must be able to greet visitors and respond to queries with a positive attitude. Receptionists are also responsible for ensuring the security of the office and ensuring the smooth running of the company. They may also have the option to handle the expenses of employees.

    Office receptionists work primarily in offices, but the position is not restricted to office environments. Some positions are in health care, where receptionists coordinate interactions between doctors, patients and staff. They also maintain and organise medical records. They also greet visitors at the front desk.


    In the United Kingdom, receptionists can earn between £21,750 – £26,500 per year. Salaries for receptionists in the UK can vary greatly, depending on the area of the country. Office receptionists are typically low-skilled, but they are often talented multitaskers.

    They are responsible for dealing with a wide variety of situations, from clients and employees to IT staff and cleaning staff. They also need to have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Good organisational skills are also important.

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