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If you are a passionate writer, or you feel you have what it takes to be a good writer; we can help you monetize that skill. Here in Harrypedia, you get paid per each article you write for us.

Isn’t that interesting? If you want to write for us; here are the basic terms and conditions you should follow.


Please read between lines so you won’t miss out from any point because every single rule you’ll find in this page is strictly important.

To avoid having any sort of friction with our approval team you’d need to adhere to every requirement as stipulated.



  • The article should not be less than 2000 (two thousand) words. You can write more ( we love it that way)


  • Your article should convey a full sense of information. No half-baked information is needed, your article should be presented in such a way that if a reader stumbles upon your content he/she may not need any other source again as regards that topic.
  • Ensure that your article is properly punctuated, bulleted with pictures and even videos if necessary. Your command of English should be interesting, simple and professional. Your writings should have the ability to engage readers and perhaps spring them to action.
  • Don’t worry about the topic, the topic to write on will be issued by the admin.
  • Ensure that your article is 100 percent unique (plagiarism-free). Copy and paste are not accepted here, make sure you spend the time to research, read and re-write it in your own language.
  • The keyword you are given to write on should be properly sprinkled on the article (it shouldn’t irritate the reader). Make sure your keyword is written at the beginning of your paragraph, middle of the content and at the end of the article. At least it should appear 10 times in the article.




We only accept articles on some selected categories such as

  • Jobs & Opportunity
  • Business
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Tutorials
  • Investment tips and Business ideas


We pay 1500 naira per every approved article.


Your article must be submitted in Word document format. Don’t just write and send to our email, make sure your article is submitted in word document (Microsoft Word ) format. In this way, your links, images, fonts, and arrangement of the article will still be maintained without getting distorted, thus making it easy for our Approval team to read, edit and publish.

TIPS:  In case you want to send this with your phone, you can download Microsoft word app from the app store. Write your article there and send it to email.


  • Harrypedia.com reserve the right to do whatsoever the like with your content.
  • Your name may or may not be referenced in the article during the publication.
  • You mustn’t share your content anywhere else neither should you submit it to any other platform
  • You can only submit one article or content in a day
  • We have the right to edit your article to fit our audience, however, your original voice will still be maintained.



Interested applicant should CLICK HERE to apply.

If your application is approved, the topic to write on will be sent to your email.

NOTE: Your article will be reviewed by the admin, if errors are too much or if the article is substandard it will be trashed and you will get instant notification.

You can request for your payment instantly or allow it to pile up, but note that after a maximum of 10 article your money is automatically issued.

If you don’t want to get paid writing for us, however, you want your voice to be heard through our platform you can check on our “GUESS POSTING” page Click here to learn more…