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Vacancies for Farm Worker Jobs at Riverdale Poultry, Canada

    Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

    The Agriculture and Agri-Food sector in Canada has over one million farm workers. The sector is characterized by high employee turnover, which could lead to more job openings.

    The workload is seasonal, and 73% of farm workers work full-time while the remaining 27% are part-time. This occupation is a good fit for people who enjoy hands-on work and the freedom to choose their own schedule.

    Urgent Hiring for Farm Workers

    There is a high demand for farm worker jobs in Canada. Many cities are empty, and land owners need workers to tend their crops. As a result, the government wants to attract more immigrants and increase the number of available jobs.

    If you are looking for farm worker jobs in Canada, you should consider applying to one of the many agricultural companies in Canada. These companies often need people who can do unskilled and semi-skilled jobs in agriculture. They are open to applicants from all over the world, and are usually looking for people with previous experience.

    If you’re a general farm worker, you will be responsible for planting crops, raising livestock and poultry, and repairing and maintaining buildings and equipment. Other tasks include maintaining buildings and machinery, and operating farm machinery.

    Depending on the farm’s needs, you might specialize in a specific crop or livestock production. Either way, you will need to be a citizen of Canada or hold a valid work permit.

    Job Description

    If you love working with your hands, a Farm Worker Job in Canada may be right for you. The duties of a farmworker can range from harvesting vegetables to repairing fences. The job requires you to be a jack of all trades and a willing learner. You will be working directly with a farmer and will receive comprehensive on-site training.

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    A Farm Worker Job in Canada may be ideal if you have experience operating agricultural machinery such as sprayers and seeders. It may also require some experience in livestock or crop farming.

    Working on a farm means you must be physically fit and have good interpersonal skills. You should also be able to work in shifts, including day and night shifts.

    Farm workers also help farmers manage the farm. They prepare land for cropping, harvest crops, and tend to livestock. They also use tools and fertilizers and keep the soil properly irrigated. They also maintain farm equipment and help maintain farm buildings.

    Riverdale Poultry

    Riverdale Poultry is an agricultural company that focuses on the movement of live poultry. The farm is open to the public and allows visitors to watch the animals in a safe environment. Work responsibilities include organizing crews and setting up barns to catch the birds, detecting disease and pests, and loading and unloading supplies.

    Job Duties

    Hiring Organization Riverdale Poultry
    Post Name Poultry Farm Worker
    Qualification Communication; Working with others
    Industry Private
    Employment Type Full-Time
    Work Hours 8 Hours
    Salary $17.00/hour
    Location Kitchener, ON, Canada N2A 0A1

    A farm worker’s duties typically involve repetitive tasks and heavy loads. This type of work requires attention to detail and good hand-eye coordination. Other duties include weeding, observing soil moisture and monitoring irrigation. This position also requires the use of pesticides and herbicides.

    The employment outlook for farm workers is bright. While seasonality can result in high employee turnover, there is a balanced labour supply and demand for farm workers.

    General farm worker jobs in Canada can be seasonal, part-time, or full-time. Working hours are flexible, and may include night and early morning shifts. A general farm worker should have good interpersonal skills, and be available to begin work as soon as possible.

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    Duties of farm worker jobs in Canada can vary, and a general knowledge of farm machinery and farming equipment is necessary for the position.

    General farm workers are often responsible for planting, harvesting, and maintaining crops. They also maintain machinery and irrigation systems and tend to livestock and poultry. In addition to this, they maintain farm buildings and tools.

    Job Skills

    If you want to work on a farm in Canada, you must have a number of skills. General farm workers plant crops, tend livestock, raise poultry, and maintain farm buildings and machinery.

    They may specialize in one type of crop or livestock production, or work on a number of different farms. If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, it is important to be a Canadian citizen or have a valid work permit.

    General farm worker vacancies vary from seasonal to full-time employment. Working hours vary, but are generally from 05:00 to 15:00. Employment opportunities in this sector are expected to increase over time. Most of these positions will be full-time, with only a small proportion of them being part-time.

    If you have the necessary skills, farm worker jobs in Canada can be a lucrative and secure career option. These workers are responsible for maintaining and preparing crops, and weeding and cultivating the land. Some farm worker jobs may require you to operate farm machinery and oversee the health and safety of livestock.

    Job Requirements

    If you are looking for a new career, farm work in Canada is a great choice. This occupation requires workers to plant and cultivate crops, care for livestock and poultry, fertilize and spray crops, and harvest produce.

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    It also requires workers to maintain farm machinery and infrastructure. As the job title suggests, it can be a lucrative and secure career with a high standard of living. A farm worker needs to have a strong understanding of agricultural equipment and have experience operating equipment.

    Farm work involves heavy lifting, repetitive tasks, and careful attention to detail. Fieldworkers must also be able to distinguish colors and have good hand-eye coordination.

    Farm workers are also required to monitor soil moisture and monitor irrigation, weed crops, and use pesticides. The work is physically demanding and requires a high level of physical fitness.

    Job requirements vary depending on the employer. The seasonality of farm work makes it difficult to attract domestic employees to work in this type of employment. In addition, many jobs require long hours and low wages.


    Salary for farm worker jobs in Canada varies, and the range of pay varies from province to province. Farm worker jobs require workers to perform a wide range of tasks, including picking, packing, crop/plant maintenance, weeding, and general farm duties.

    The salary for these positions is higher than that for other similar occupations. In addition, a farm worker can develop a career as a manager, supervisor, or farm supervisor. However, this type of work can be difficult during the summer months due to labour market pressure.

    The salaries for farm worker jobs in Canada are generally good. The industry is in need of more workers. There are over two million people employed in agriculture in Canada. The average pay for farm workers is $29,260 per year or $15.01 per hour.

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