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How to Clear Error Code on GoTV – E16, E17 & E48-32

How to Clear Error Code on GoTV – E16, E17, E48-32 | Clear E16 Error message on GoTV.

Are you disturbed and worried about how to Clear Error Code on GoTV? Are you among the many GoTV users that having been getting the E16, E17, E48-32 Error Code on GoTV? You are at the right place to get the right information. Stop searching elsewhere!!!

In this article, we will be breaking the jinx on how to Clear Error Code on GoTV. This Error Code are of various types; E16 Error Code, E17 Error Code, E32 Error Code, E48 Error Code. The guide we will provide here, will cover How to Clear every type of Error Code on GoTV.

N/B: These error codes usually occur when users forget to renew subscription plans before due expiration date. Most person usually prefer to wait till after expiration to renew payment, this is when these errors start showing on their TV screens. Sometimes, other errors like E48-32 occurs when you change the position of the antenna of the decoder

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Clear Error Code on GoTV

Clear Error Code on GoTV

GoTV Error Code

How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – E016 Error Message

You can also:

How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – E48-32 Error Message

This step is only for E48-32 Error Message only:

If after everything you are still getting errors, Check All GoTv Customer Care Contact details.

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